Saturday, March 31, 2012

Come One! Come All!

I cannot believe that my little girl is turning 3 NEXT SUNDAY! It's so cliche, but WHERE did the time go? I look at her everyday: how's she growing and maturing from a baby to a little girl, and I am beyond amazed. I am so lucky that the Lord blessed us with lucky. But, anyway, enough gushing! LOL!

I am so proud of these little beauties:

Emma's birthday party invitations!

It only took me a FEW hours, but I got them all made and mailed out last week, and I must say I'm pretty pleased with the end results! :) 

We are having a Princess (and Superhero for the boys) Tea Party for Emma's birthday. Emma is SUPER excited about wearing her Cinderella dress and the crown she made with her Daddy. She has been practicing all week! :) It's going to be adorable! I can't wait to share all the details and pictures with you after next weekend!

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! I know we are! 

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's Your Song?

I have been so busy with work and school lately, that I haven't had time to participate in this link-up, but when I saw it was Amber one year blog hop-iversary, I just knew I had to swing by and celebrate one of the coolest blog hops I know! :)

I have been humming this song all week! In fact, Monday at work I got complaints I was "humming" too much...oops! Anyway, I really love this song by Kate Voegele, especially the words! It's my new personal theme song, and I just I knew I had to share it with all of you for this week's blog hop!

So, what about you? Do you have a song you want to share? Why not stop by Amber's totally awesome What's Your Song link up and share it with the world! I promise it's fun and addictive! ;)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Thursday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

25 Reasons Coming Home Isn't So Bad

My sister, Kasie, is coming home! Of course, it won't be for a few weeks, but she is already having reservations. She has met some amazing people during her time in St. John's, and she is sad to leave them. I understand how hard this must be for her, but I'm NOT sorry that she's finally coming home. You all know that I have missed her desperately! So, in an effort to help her be more excited,  I have come up with 25 reasons she should be excited to be back in the states!

1. Fast food.

2. Singing "Hell On Heels" just isn't the same without her..true story.

3. Emma's 3rd Birthday.

4. Noah's 5th Birthday.

5. The ability to finally take a REALLY hot shower.

6. Karaoke nights at our favorite place.

7. Summer at the Lake...need I say more?

8. Mike. The dock. Wave runners.

9. Breakfast dates at RJ's.

10. Cheap shopping.

11. Hugs from Dad.

12. Sunday lunches at Fro's.

13. Jannea's 30th birthday's going to be PRETTY epic.

14. River and park dates with Josie and Maddie.

15. Contagious.

16. It is much easier, and cheaper for Randi and I to visit her in the continental U.S.

17. My next karaoke competition just won't be the same without her, and it's coming up!

18. She's a much more reliable wingman than Randi.

19.  Mom.

20. Sand volleyball league, anyone?!

21. Bonfires with the cool kids.

22. Target.

23. I'm not getting my tattoo until she come home to hold my hand.

24.  I promise to make her 22, WAY better than her 21.

25. Randi and I. Because the truth is, we just aren't the same without her.

See?! There are so many things for her to look forward too! Coming home isn't as terrible as she thinks it's going to be! Because 1. I'm here, 2. Randi's here, and 3. We're here together! And even though she has met some of the most amazing and beautiful people on her journey, NO ONE will ever love her or accept her the way we do. We are her sisters. The friends she didn't get to choose, but she can't imagine her life without.

I know she's worried that if she comes home...she'll stay. That she won't move to Dewey or continue the great adventure which has become her life. But, I know that I am always going to encourage her to chase her dreams. To live her life exactly how she wants too. To go on as many adventures as she can, because life is to short for regrets. I also know that no matter where she goes or what she does, I'm always going to love her. I'm always going to cheer her on. And I'm always going to be here waiting to welcome her home with open arms.

I can't wait to meet her at the airport terminal. I can't wait to see the look on her face. It's going to be one of the best part of my 2012. I'm pretty sure.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I Am

I got the idea for this post from Shannon over at Eat. Pray, Love. I wish I would of been able to read this post in January, because I think it would of been a fun New Year's post, but I guess the end of March is a good of time as any to evaluate where I am as a person, and where I want to be in the next year. So, here goes!
I Am...

I Am...a work in progress. 

I be really, truly happy with myself.

I Have...discovered what I want from life, and I am slowly working toward my goals.

I sister, Kasie, would come home. I miss her desperately.

I Hate...injustice, and watching people suffer at the hands of someone in power. 

I Fear...that sometimes I'm not being the best mother I can be to my daughter.
I just want to do right by her.

I Hear...the voices inside my head that tell me I'm not good enough.
I'm not pretty enough.
I'm not brave enough.
But, I'm choosing NOT to believe them.

I Search...for God. To find that relationship I once had with Him.

I Wonder...where I will be in 5 years?
10 years?
20 years?

I many things. 
But, I realize I am who I am today, because of those things.

I Love...Zoe Deschanel and "New Girl".
These early spring days.
My new sundress.
My family.

I be better.
To be all I was meant to be.

I too much.
Especially when I'm feeling passionate, nervous, or excited.

I Usually...get worked up about things that nobody else thinks is important.

I Am Not...the girl I was 10 years ago.

I Dance...all the time. 
To the music in my head.

I Sing...all the time.
To the music in my head.

I Never...try to be something I'm not.
What you see is what you get.
Weirdness and all.

I Rarely...answer my phone the first time you call.
It's a problem.

I Cry...when I'm angry.

I Am Not Always...the best student.
I celebrate the weeks I don't put my homework off until the last minute.

I Lose...everything. 
Or throw it away.
Ask Randy.

I'm Business Law.
Hands down the hardest class I have EVER taken.  

I family.
My friends.
My sisters.

I more.
Life is too short to be so serious all the time.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Faith's Sports Banquet 2012

On Friday, I had the privilege of attending Faith's 2nd Sports Banquet with my mom and grandmother. Faith and I spent an entire day together trying to find a dress, and we found a truly beautiful gown at an upscale consignment store that she absolutely loved! (Well, actually she fell in love with the $400 gown, but $400 is a little much for a Sports Banquet dress! LOL!) Anyway, I loved her dress too. I thought the color was so flattering on her, and Friday with her hair done and a touch of make-up, she looked absolutely gorgeous.

I just can't get over how truly stunning she is for 13. My mother argues with me, but 13 was INCREDIBLY awkward for me. I can remember the bushy eyebrows, the white gym socks I wore up to my knees with my knee-length school dress, and my Tweety Bird phase. Yep, I didn't have a clue. But, not Faith, she's got style, eyebrows that are perfectly shaped and waxed, and no weird obsessions. I mean, C'mon! Where were cool things like Twilight or Hunger Games when I was in middle school? Why couldn't my only flaws have been my Converse obsession? Seriously. Middle school nowadays is far less awkward than it was when I was in school...I'm just sayin'...Faith. Anyway, I watched her all night Friday with a sense of awe over the fact that my kid sister is slowly making the transformation from kid to young women. She is not a little girl anymore, and it won't be long before she embarks on her own life adventure. It's scary to think about, but it's coming, and I'm so proud of her and the women she is becoming.

Okay, okay! I'm done getting all sappy on you! :p Faith walked away with the Most Improved award for girls basketball. We were very proud of her! She works very hard at both sports she plays, and I'm excited to watch her continue to improve and get better. I'm looking forward to watching Faith play as a junior and senior. To see her obtain her full potential. Her future is truly exciting.

Overall, it was a great night. I am extremely proud of our sports teams, of everyone who won an award, and of everyone who played. It's always fun to see who the coaches pick every year. I can remember being on the receiving end of some of those awards, so I know how exciting it is for the kids. I also had a great time visiting with my mom and my Grandma. We don't get to sit down and talk very much, so for me, that was the best part of the entire evening. Definitely one for the books.

{Me, Faith, my Grandma, and my mom}

{My Grandma and I}

So, that's how I spent my Friday night. What about you? 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! The rain has finally cleared out and I'm excited to see Hunger Games this afternoon with my good friend, Jannea. I just finished the book Friday night, and I am so ready to see the movie and get started on book two! You were right, Katie, I'm addicted ;)

Happy Sunday! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rainy Day Activities

I am finding that the closer and closer we get to 3, the more and more activities for Emma are a must, especially on rainy days. I try to regulate how much TV she watches, and to be honest, most days I fail, but I do like to keep plenty of things on hand that we can do together.

One of our favorite activities is Play-Doh. I started introducing Emma to Play-Doh around 24 months, and ever since she has been hooked. Play-Doh is a great activity for us to do together, and it's also a great activity for her to do while I'm doing things around the house like folding a load of clothes or doing the dishes. Yep, I pretty much heart Play-Doh! And if you haven't introduced it to your toddler yet, you should totally give it a shot! Of course, I've been blessed that Emma is really good about keeping things out of her mouth...she always has been. So, if your toddler still likes to put everything in their mouth, Play-Doh may not be a good choice for you.

Another activity is simple, but a must in our house...stickers. Emma LOVES stickers...all kinds of stickers! And after talking with a friend of mine who teaches K4 and Kindergarten, I have learned that stickers are a GREAT way to enhance Emma's fine motor skills which means that they are a win-win activity! Woohoo! I always pick up a couple packages of stickers for Emma when we go to Wal-Mart. I usually let her pick them out right when we get there, because she loves to talk about them while we do our shopping. When we get home we either put the stickers in her "sticker book", or sometimes we just put them on white printer paper and then she colors it. My fridge is full of "sticker pictures"! My mom is also great to keep plenty of stickers on hand for Emma and my nephew, Noah, and they have both got in the habit of asking her for stickers every time they see her! LOL!

Another favorite activity that my mom introduced to the kids: window clings! It's the same concept as stickers, only they can attach them to any window in the house. I usually have Emma put them up on the windows in her room, and they have become a great way to decorate her room for various holidays.

Another great thing about the window clings that my mom buys is that they are only $1.00 at our local dollar store, so I don't feel guilty about throwing them away when we replace them with new ones. You can also buy gel clings at Wal-Mart and Target. Those are fun too, and Emma actually prefers them, but they do tear really easy, so I usually have to help her more with those.

We have also started introducing Emma to the board game, Candyland. It's a simple game, and since she already knows all of her colors and she can count (a little) it has been a great learning tool for us. We also like it, because it is teaching her how to sit still and pay attention to an activity. Emma is A LOT like her dad: short attention span, and they always needs to be doing something or they tend to fidget. Randy and I realize that this will be a problem for her once we start sending her to school, so we have decided it is important that we work on improving this now. So far, it seems to be working. It also helps that she absolutely LOVES the game! Anyway, I'm hoping to get Hi Ho Cherri-o for her birthday so we can mix it up a bit. :)

So, this is how we stay busy on rainy days. What about you? I'm always looking for new activities and ideas, so any and all are welcome! I hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"I Want Something That I Want..."

Okay, let me break it down for you a second. As many of you know, I've been struggling with some personal stuff. Really personal stuff. Stuff I don't know if I will ever be able to share, but that doesn't mean it's stuff that doesn't exist. Last time I checked I was human. A real, human girl. I struggle. I fall. I fail. Then I find a way to pick up the pieces and move on. I am, by nature, a fighter. It's in my blood. It's been ingrained in me from day one. I don't give up. I don't lay down and die. I don't let my tears cause me to lose focus. I just don''s not an option for me. So, instead of curling up on my bed under a mound of tissues, I did what any smart girl whose falling apart would do: I got help. Yep..."help". THAT kind of help: counseling.

So far, it's been the most legitimate choice I've made. I don't know if it's working, but my therapist definitely puts things in a new perspective for me. A better perspective. She constantly draws me back to the positive things in my life, and we focus on that. The positive. The good. The things that are right in my world. She doesn't bash me, but she doesn't let me dwell in my pit. And as a result, I have been forced to not only look at the positive, but ask tough questions of myself regarding my happiness and what I want from life. Thanks to her, I am now focusing more on myself, and working towards improving myself as a person. She believes that if I am happier, then I will have healthier and happier relationships with the people in my life who matter most.

And to be honest, I am trying to believe her. I really am. But, it just seems so simple. Like, really?! All the answers to my struggles and frustrations lie in finding myself and what I truly want from this life. It's a foreign concept to me and it makes me very uncomfortable, but like I said, I'm trying, and I've been thinking a lot about my conversations with my therapist. I have been thinking about what I really, really, REALLY want from my life and what would make me happier. I have been thinking about ways to improve my self-esteem and get a better grasp of the woman I am. It's a challenge. It's not something I'm used to: putting myself first. But, I agree that it's time. It's time to see myself in a different light, and to believe the words I've written. It's time to look at the girl in mirror, realize that she is worth it, and actually believe it.

So, in an effort to make a step in the right direction, I have been making a mental list. A list of things that I want...really, truly, with-every-fiber-of-my-being want. It's not a perfect list. Some of it may seem so minor. But, for me, the key to my completion...lies in these things.

1. To find my way back to God and the relationship I once had with Him.

2. To be the best mother I can be. 

3. To raise my daughter to be strong, independent, and perfectly capable of standing on her own two feet.

4. To finish school, and get my degree.

5. To obtain my dream job in the medical field. 

6. To write a novel. A good one. 

7. To laugh more: at home, at work, at life. 

8.  To make more time for myself to do the things I'm passionate about: writing and singing.

9. To be a better friend.

10. To quit being a doormat. 

11. To quit living my life like my hopes and dreams don't matter. 

12. To smile more, and cry less.

13. To treat myself, within reason, to the material things I want: A new blouse. A better hair straightener. Cowboy boots. Glitter heels.

14. To support a cause that is bigger than myself. 

15. To start running again.

16. To be fun and silly with my daughter more often. 

17. To ask myself more often: "Do I need to be involved in this? Does this really concern me?" 

18. To prioritize and stick to it. 

19. To travel...maybe not tomorrow, but someday. 

20. To make time to read more books that I actually enjoy. 

21. To do more things that scare me. 

22. To finally get my tattoo. 

23. To accept that I am not the woman I was 18. People change.

24. To quit holding myself accountable to promises I made at 18. If I could only have a talk with her, things would be much different...

25. To quit being so hard on myself. I am not perfect. I'm never going to be. End of story. 

26. To quit being so hard on others. They are not perfect. They are never going to be. End of story. 

27. To forgive.

28. To remember that it's not my responsibility to save to the world. I am not a superhero.

29. To let myself grieve.

30. To look at myself in the mirror, and actually believe that she is beautiful-flaws and all. 

This list is ever growing...ever changing. This list is in no particular order, and it is only a summary of the things that have been going on in my head over the last month. Please do not put words in my mouth, or assume that just because something isn't on the list, doesn't mean that I'm not working on it. Some things about me are still private, and I want to keep it that way. I know some of these things will take weeks, while others will take months and years. I know that this list will not be a quick fix, but at least now I have a direction. A hope for the future. 

Yes, it's true, my life is a beautiful mess, but at least this is proof that I'm picking up the pieces and trying to figure out what to do with them. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Half Of My Heart

Thank you to all of you who left comments on my last blog post. I didn't have time to email each of you back, but you know who you are, and I appreciate your thoughtful comments. I have definitely kept them in mind while reading the book, and I'm happy to report that I am almost half way there. You were all is an easy read, and so far I really do like it.


It's a gorgeous 75+ degree day here in Missouri, and I broke our shorts out for the first time this year. Except for the fact that my legs are incredibly white and lack any kind of tan, it feels so good to be free of my skinny jeans and boots! Yep, it's pretty wonderful, and if you can't tell, I'm beyond ready for summer! I actually cleaned Emma's closet and drawers out today to make room for all of her spring and summer clothes. I'm on my way to pick those up from my mom today, and I am most excited to see the Easter dress my mom bought for her! I'm sure it's gorgeous. Emma is such a blessed little girl to have a Grandma like my mom, and I am so blessed to have my mom to help out with clothes and shoes. It's just one of the many ways my mom helps out so that I can continue to stay at home and raise my daughter.


Emma's birthday was officially one month from last Thursday! Yay!!! Eeeek!! It occurred to me sometime on Saturday that while my Pinterest board for Emma's birthday looks so pretty with all of my fun ideas, I have not made a move to bring any of those ideas to life! But, I am planning to remedy that this week with a trip to Hobby Lobby or Michael's to purchase a few things I need to make some of the decorations. We are having a Royal Tea Party for Emma's birthday this year. I want all the little girls to dress up in their princess costumes, and all the little boys to dress up like their favorite superhero. I have some great ideas for food and desserts, and there will be plenty of play tea party sets to go around. I also decided on a cake last night, and discussed it with my aunt who will be making it. I'm really excited about it, and I know it's going to be perfect. We are going to try and have the party outside at my grandma's. I want to spread big quilts all over the yard under her huge trees for the kids to sit on, and I'm hoping to come up with a few games for the kids to play, but since Emma is going to be 3, it's a little early for too much structure I think ;) Anyway, I'm really excited and bursting with ideas, and I'm planning to kick off my party planning ASAP! 


Spring Break starts on Sunday for me, so I'm hoping to have lots of blog posts that week...but, maybe not. I may be deep in the party planning process since that will be my only week off before the party. We'll see. Maybe I'll blog about my party planning progress...that sounds like an idea. 


I hope everyone is having a beautiful Monday! I'm on my way to do some homework, and Emma will be spending the afternoon playing with her favorite Aunt Mandy. But, before I go I wanted to leave you with the song I have stuck in my head today by my favorite cover band: Boyce Avenue.

Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

So, I Need Some Advice...

Thirteen years ago, my parents gave birth to this girl:

When I found out that my mom was pregnant with Faith, I was resentful. I don't really know why, I just remember that my twelve year old self loathed the idea of having another sibling, and I think I knew even then that responsibility for this new baby would fall to me. I think I was overwhelmed more than anything. But, I knew she was coming...ready or not.

Two months after I turned thirteen, I got to hold Faith Grace for the very first time. I remember peering into her tiny face and feeling all of that fear and resentment melt away. I knew in that moment that she and I would have the most special bond...a bond that would go deeper than the bond of normal sisters. Sure, I hated the fact that I had to watch her and my other sisters so much. The responsibility was a lot for a thirteen year old, but I managed to take it on. Quite well, if I do say so myself. Sure there were meltdowns and I probably called my mom WAY too much at work that first summer she left us all home alone with each other. But, no matter how much the teenager inside of me rebelled against the responsibility and restraint on my freedom, my inner mother and sister took over and some how I've helped my mother get Faith to thirteen. At twenty-six, she is one of my most beautiful accomplishments so far.

I see so much of myself in her: her quirky personality, her sensitive nature, her desire to fit-in and be "liked" by everyone, yet her desire to be her own person. She is unique. She is a rare beauty. And I am already jealous of how gorgeous she is at thirteen, because thirteen was SO awkward for me! I would of given anything to have three older sisters to teach me how to dress, and do my make-up. Three older sisters to help make the transition from little girl to woman gracefully. I look at her and instead of seeing awful no-no hair cuts, poorly shaped eyebrows, too-blue eyeshadow, and clothes that don't really match, I see a girl who has been given all the tools she needs to make lessen the ridicule from the outside world, so that she can mature and grow easily on the inside. Because let's face it: middle school and high school is a challenge. The desire to fit in and be accepted often leaves kids on the outside looking in, and trying to mature and grow under the harsh, unforgiving eye of their peers. And you know, despite the fact that Faith is a million times less awkward than I was at her age, the girls in her class still find ways to pick on her and find fault with her. I console her. I tell her they are just jealous. I tell her to go look at my middle and high school school pictures, and then she will feel amazing about herself. And for a moment she smiles. For a moment she believes me. But, just like every other teenage girl, the desire to be accepted is ever present.

This desire to be accepted has lead to our recent dilemma: teenage rebellion. Now before your mind goes to a worse case scenerio, we should revisit the fact that she is thirteen. She can't drive. She can't go anyway unsupervised. So, at most her offense is a misdemeanor...but, my opinion is based on all of the terrible things I did growing up, so really she may actually have a shot ;)

Anyway, mother called me last week in tears. She is basically a single-parent and she is completely worn out after my other two sisters and I. Too be honest, she is still trying to raise us...we're a challenge. Anyway, in pre-text to my story, right now the girls at Faith's school are all reading THIS series:

click for source

Apparently, this is the new Twilight saga among teenage girls. I have had several friends on this blog recommend this series to me, but I, with school and work and motherhood, just hadn't found the time to read it. I knew it's popularity was growing, especially with the movie's release date set for March 23rd, but I guess I didn't realize it had such a cult following, especially among teenage girls. Excuse me, I NEVER watch real ever.

So, when my mom called me very upset to tell me that Faith was reading this book behind her back and against her wishes, I was taken a little off guard. Faith had told me she was reading the book, because she wanted to see the movie with her best friend. I kind of blew it off, because I really didn't know much about the series and to be honest, I was kind of thrilled she was reading something she actually liked. A few days prior to my mom's phone call, Faith had told me she was mad at mom for taking the book away from her, because she didn't want Faith to read it. I don't really remember how that conversation went, but once again, I kind of blew it off, because for as long as I can remember my mom has been very strict about what my sisters and I read, watched, and listened too. Of course, when I was a teenager, I thought it was ridiculous, but now in hindsight, I know she was just trying to protect us and it was all apart of the amazing Christian foundation that she gave us. So, when Faith and I had the initial, "mom-is-being-dumb-and-won't-let-me-read-this-book" conversation, I'm sure I just nodded, told her it would all work out, and I would talk to mom. End of conversation.

So, fast forward to last week, my mom caught Faith reading another copy of the book in secret that she borrowed from a girl at school. She was furious, and at a loss. She called me to ask me what she thought I should do, and if I knew anything about the book. I told her what little I knew about the series, I assured her that I didn't think there was any sex or anything in it, but I knew there was quite a bit of violence. I told her that Faith was just reading it, because ALL the other girls at school were reading it, and like every other teenage girl...she just wants to fit it. I agreed with her that Faith should probably be punished, because to be honest, this is only the beginning. She's thirteen, people. But, I did tell her I thought she was being silly about not letting her read the book. Because let's face it, I'm still Faith's sister. It's my job to back her up...kind of ;)

Anyway, my mom asked if I would read the book. I told her I would squeeze it in amongst the millions of other things I am trying to do, and I promised Faith I would have it read by the 19th, so that she could finish it in time for the movie. I've heard it's an amazing series from my friend, Katie, so I'm sure I won't have a problem reading it in a week and a half. Of course as a result, I must resentfully set aside my new Nicholas Sparks book, and take one for the team, but I'm sure it won't be too terrible. However, I wanted to give all of you the opportunity to weigh in!

Have you read The Hunger Games series? In your opinion is it an appropriate series for a thirteen year old to be reading? Why or why not? What kinds of things should I look for while I'm reading it?

I think Focus on the Family and other Christian review sites have a very one-sided view on the media, and that their book and movie reviews tend to just bash the novel instead of giving guidance to the reader or viewer as to how they should approach it and what kinds of things to pay attention to while reading/watching it. Sometimes I am all for Christian movies and literature, but I don't necessarily think that because I'm a Christian I can't read those things.

I read Twilight. All four of them. I loved them...LOVED them. However, in my opinion they are inappropriate for thirteen year old girls. I have told Faith, I don't think they are good for her to read. I think there are too many intense sexually charged moments, and I also think the fact that Edward, Bella and Jacob are all in high school and they have these intense feelings in their relationships is completely unrealistic and inappropriate for teenagers. But, that's just my opinion, and maybe knowing my opinion on this series will help you understand what I would possibly consider to be inappropriate about the Hunger Games for Faith.

So, if you could take a moment and leave me a brief book review and your thoughts on the book in regards to teenagers, I would super grateful!

I hope all of you are having an amazing Thursday! I'm off to take another test and get started on my new reading material!

Monday, March 5, 2012

She Lives!

I realize that I have been more than a little MIA over the past week. Please forgive me. Last week, I was in the middle of midterm exams, and my professors thought it would be cool to assign tons of homework on top of trying to study for midterms...awesome. I felt like every spare minute I had, I was studying for my midterms or doing homework, and by Sunday afternoon both Randy and I were TIRED of school and homework. But, to be honest, Randy was a terrific sport all week. He helped me tirelessly with Emma, gave me plenty of space to study and do my homework, and drove me over an hour away on Saturday to take one of my midterms in an actual classroom, and then he rewarded me with an amazing dinner out at my favorite restaurant (Yeah, he might be a keeper)! It's true, I have been so proud of him. He's handling this semester like a champ, which is encouraging, because we only have like 6 semesters like these left to go...just kidding, babe! Well, not totally... ;)

I am still patiently waiting on my grade for my midterm that I took on Saturday. It was my first official essay examination, and I'm praying that I did well on it. But, I don't even have to catch my breath, because I have another midterm exam due on Thursday, and a paper to write this week that will qualify as my mid-term in another class. It's going to be another interesting week! I'm holding out for March 17th, which means Spring Break and a welcomed hiatus from all of this homework.

~ ~ ~ ~

In addition to school, I have recently discovered a gluten-free dessert that I actually enjoy! Ms. Christina over at Keeping It Simple suggested that I check out my local supermarket for gluten-free cake, cookie, and brownie mixes. I had seen a few boxes the first time I went gluten-free grocery shopping, and I was a little hesitant to try them. But, after basically starving myself two weeks, I thought it was worth a shot. So, last week I picked up this little number:

And I decided it would go perfectly with this: 

Well, let me just tell you: THIS was the best thing I've eaten during my entire gluten-free diet! Even my husband like it! I know! What?! Yep, I have basically single-handedly consumed the entire cake, and it has been worth every. single. calorie.

It gave me the courage to try other gluten-free things, and the strength to persevere into these uncharted diet waters. Because if gluten-free could always taste like this:

Then it wouldn't be so bad! So, you can bet money that I will be trying the brownie mix this week, especially with another midterm exam in my future. 

~ ~ ~ ~

I will probably be a little MIA again this week. Please don't give up on me! I promise to make up for it with substantial posts during Spring Break! But, for now, know that I am always reading your blogs, and trying to juggle my extremely full plate of life, motherhood, school, and work. Prayers are always appreciated. 

Happy Monday!

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